Friday, October 27, 2017

Meet Art *Sparks* Artist Becky Carpenter


Meet local Frederick Art *Sparks* Artist       Becky Carpenter

Photo by
Rebecca Carpenter Fine Art & Photography


Becky is participating in our Art *Sparks* Pop Up Shop 
Come by and shop her work!
Saturday, Nov. 4th, 10am-8pm  
at (right next to Starbucks) 
106 N. Market St. Frederick, MD

Words from the artist, October 2017

As a mixed media artist/photographer, I love to create with paints, pencils, metal, fabric, photographs, and whatever media will allow me to craft a finished piece that completes my vision.  Currently, I am creating four very different series of work – 
  • a mixed media series incorporating landscapes (especially flowers and butterflies), 
  • a vintage inspired collection of collages began when I found old photographs of my grandmother as a young adult as well as buying an older home in downtown Frederick and remodeling it (currently vintage fashion, food, and travel), 
  • a mixed media series exploring the parallel strengths of women and butterflies titled “Metamorphosis”, 
  • and a photographic series titled “Whispers” which captures visual stories of natural light in decaying spaces within Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. 
I also love to photograph people, places, and things and am happy to create family, children, senior portraits, headshots, and product photography for clients in my photography business. 
-  Becky Carpenter      

Art *Sparks* of Frederick is a group started in 2013 run by 
Rachel Stewart, Mixed Media Artist of & 
Chelsea *Sparks* Weiss, Designer & Mixed Media Artist of according to *spark* anything that activates or stimulates; inspiration or catalyst   

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