Thursday, March 2, 2017

Finally, I found my "what's next"

peek at my studio
I am over the moon excited to have a studio space at The Blue Elephant in downtown Frederick. I have made mixed media art and had other endeavors for 9 years now. I have a home studio and workshop. With my latest passion of painting my own fabric and making art bags with it - I just couldn't seem to squeeze that work easily into those 2 home spaces. I didn't want to take over my husband's man cave either, but I DID start too.   I have been working on my own doing small jobs since I was laid off from an Interior Design job in 2008. 

Leaving the house to work has been something I have wanted to do for quite a while. I wanted to leave the house every day period. Too many trips by the kitchen have certainly increased the circumference of my waist in that time. Pier 1 wouldn't hire anyone with "unnaturally colored hair" and I was enjoying my wild colored hair for a time. Pete was appalled that I would even consider changing my hair for a job. My goddess, what a supportive husband I have!! I love that man with all my heart. 

I even tried renting a work space in a neighbor's basement, but realized after a year's rental that what I REALLY wanted was to leave the NEIGHBORHOOD for my work.   So...then Rachel Stewart came into my world by way of my Meet Up group called the Art *Sparks* of Frederick, she has become my art BFF. There is plenty of room for me to have lots of BFFS, so don't you mind this at all Tricia, my sista in rhythm and rhyme. Rachel, your friendship has opened up my art world to all that I am capable of in the most wonderful and amazing way. And then we add in Bethany Blakey to the mix with her entrepreneurial savvy .and... F*%# look out. What I needed was SOMEONE to tell me what I needed to do NEXT to create by business. And when I meet with these 2 women while we are working through SARK's Making Your Creative Dreams Real book...I find I know now what what I had been missing in my art life. You two help make my path so much clearer. Thank you. I am in tears, being present to what joy I have and ALL the possibility that is ahead of me.

I haven't blogged in a while, but as you can see I've been VERY VERY busy.

Big hug love to YOU wherever you are. I'm on Cloud 9.  
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