Thursday, August 6, 2015

2015 Trip to Italy - part 1

I was fortunate enough to get to tag along with my dear friend Tricia and her family to Italy last month (July 2015). It was a tour with Trafalgar of specifically Roma, Firenze and Venezia. After having traveled to Rome in September of 2014 on a trip with my sweet husband, where we did the trip all on our own, I was excited to try traveling in Italy with a tour group. Of course each type of trip has different pros and cons and they vary for each person. 

Galleria Borghese

In September we stayed in one hotel the whole trip (at Albergo Raefaello on via Urbana) in Roma. We took two day trips: one to Napoli/Pompeii and one to Firenze. It allowed us to see SO much in Roma being there almost the entire length of the trip. This July tour trip was 3 days in each major city with some day trips to other cities like Assisi, Bologna and Pisa. So we saw more places in July on the tour, but in Roma we saw A LOT more landmarks. For example, Tricia and I did not get to see the Spanish steps, the Pantheon or the site where Julius Caesar was murdered that is now a sanctuary for cats.
I found on this second trip I was much more comfortable speaking Italian than the first time. It made interacting with Italian people far more interesting and fun speaking their language. One thing we did not manage to get to in September was the Galleria Borghese, but Tricia and I went on our first day there. If you are interested in reading about the Galleria or the pieces shown I have provided links to the Galleria's website, since I'm not really interested in writing about the history. I would rather share my observations or inspirations! Which I will continue doing in more posts to come. Enjoy these images from my iphone.


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    1. Thanks, Bette. I have more stories and observations to share, so there will be more to come!