Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Well, I had to paint more luggage!

Getting ready for my trip to Italy by packing early. I had planned on having one medium size piece of luggage and one hard case as a carry on, but the tour company has other ways of dealing with luggage. Instead I am to have 1 large suitcase and another small bag. The smaller bag can't have wheels or stick out pulley type handles. With this news I had to ask Pete if I could paint our one large piece of luggage...he had no objections, but if I ever expected him to carry it - it should be colors with him in mind. That means no neon or color wildness. Here is what I came up with in Pete friendly color and graphics. I still want to add some line work by hand to further enhance the paint & stencils.

Painted by Chelsea Weiss of
Large luggage: binary



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  1. I love it...Pete friendly colors. Men are so cute!