Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Frustrated with myself

Studio Chelsea Weiss of
South end of studio

Some times I get so frustrated with myself. I have this most amazing studio space which has been 60% straightened since January when I moved my jewelry & mobile making tools & supplies into a rented shop space. My studio is the third floor of our house and there is a sink. My shop is in a neighbor's basement. I am frustrated with myself because after being in my studio for a couple of hours today I cannot understand why I stay away from coming up here. It is an amazing space and I make this dumb list of all the things that need to be done before I can spend time up here. I think it has to do with not cleaning up after myself RIGHT after I work on something. I tend to work on something and leave the mess it makes and then don't begin anything new because of the mess. And since it isn't cleaned up I can just stack all this crap here instead of putting it away. I mean, it is already a mess.

Studio Chelsea Weiss of
West Windows in studio

It would be good practice to do more of these things:
1. Stand in each my Studio and Shop each day.
2. Clean up after I work on something.
3. Put things in their homes.

I could also use some help figuring out what to keep, as far as records of the things I have done or have worked on in the past and what can go away AND what is the best way to go. For example, I have 6 copies of a particular Chesapeake Home magazine that my name is listed in for a student Interior Design award...but that was in 2006. Should I keep it? Should it be on my resume? I have trouble figuring out what is good "content" of my accomplishments.

You know having people over to my space is another way to make me be inspired to clean up. If it wasn't for those occasions my studio would be used even less I am afraid. Some art sisters are coming over for a play weekend! I am beyond excited, so I better get my butt off this chair and straightening my studio! Buh,bye.


  1. Thank you for this post...

  2. Yes, of course that award should be on your resume!!!!!!! And then you can say on your website "as seen in Chesapeake House ( or the correct name of the magazine)". Take one page with your name and award, frame it, hang somewhere you will see it, then toss the 6 copies!

  3. Rebecca, you should see how small my mention doesn't even say the name of the project!