Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wonderful Wisdom & Imagery
Soaking in the gift of my precious life. By rachel awes

I am in love with a new author and artist, Rachel Awes. Found her a while ago snooping around on Etsy. Just ordered a tee shirt and her book. When I went to her site (I had only been to her Etsy shop up to that point) and saw that her path and SARK's had crossed, I knew I had found a like-minded spirit. I love me some SARK. I keep copies of the book Inspiration Sandwich around to give to people when I make a connection with them.

Rachel Awes and her Etsy shop

I love her work. It has a feeling like my friend Kim Geiser (or on Facebook). Kim's line work is crisp and bold happy lines and encouraging sentiments. rachel's work is similar in spirit and bright colors to Kim's, but rachel uses line differently. rachel's lines are typically one width. And is visually light and playful. I love how a simple line drawn just right can capture so much. I love circles, but I love line just as much.

And the crazy thing is rachel just spent time with Kim recently! I had seen pictures is a recent gathering with Kim on FB and didn't make the connection until I messaged with rachel and telling her how much I loved her work. Crazy small the world is some times.





  1. Good Morning Chelsea!
    The graphic you posted is delightful. It is truly amazing how small our worlds are. Enjoy!

  2. Nice post, lines, colors! Going to check them both out!