Thursday, October 23, 2014

History of Interior Design

​Throwback Thursday 

Here is a project I did in school for a History of Interior Design project. We were to show one thing throughout history and how much time the period/era/movement/influence lasted. I chose a chair and created a line drawing of a chair from each period. To simplify I chose a simple color scheme of black, white, gray and red. The red bars symbolize the length of time of the period and the chairs are connected to the red bars with a red string.​

Chelsea Weiss - History of the Chair in Interior Design

I decided to show this because I was just describing it to someone the other day. I thought I would dig up the photograph and share it because I was not active online at that time and didn't share it. I really enjoyed this project because it clarified the "movements" in art throughout time for me.

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