Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Art Is You 2014 Stamford - BFFs

Friends at Art Is You Stamford 2014

Me and Jodi Ohl
Me and Jodi Ohl of

What an amazing array of characters at Art Is You this year (October 2014) in Stamford, Ct at the Stamford Sheraton. I felt so taken care of by the Ellen Legare and Sallianne McClelland and by the hotel staff. This was my second Art Is You experience and I was fortunate to have my Mom there too.

Jo Anne Owens, Linda Gail and Chelsea
Jo Anne Owens, Linda Gail and Chelsea Weiss (me)
Chelsea Weiss and Lynne Suprock
Me and Lynne Suprock of
Silly Keith LoBue
Silly Keith LoBue at Art is You


Here's a little piece about my experience there

that I am working on

dark rainy autumn

fresh damp air

door open out to porch

after a retreat

teeming with ideas

cotton flannel robe

hot chai tea


and putting away


calm is my heart


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