Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Making Charms for Art Is You in Stamford 2014

Not all creative classes include artist trades, so when I attended my first Art Is You retreat last year (2013) in Stamford, Connecticut I was pleasantly surprised by the treasures. I equate these trades to a sort of party favor between artists. The first night I went back to my room and quickly McGuyvered up what I could with what I had with me. I assembled packets of assorted collage papers which included a few pieces of dictionary pages, maps, paper I had painted myself and they were wrapped in a piece of deli paper (also great for collage) and sealed each packet with some washi tape and my business card. It wasn't stellar, but for a last minute idea I thought it was acceptable.

This year the idea is to exchange charms (link to the website). So I watched a video or two by Lesley Venable giving some ideas and suggestions on how to make charms. I have explored different materials and techniques. And I am really digging working with metal and a hammer. All of my practice pieces will be included in the swap, making them unique to my "final" product.

Here is the first part of the process for the design I have come up with for the swap.

First I got my hands on some copper blank hearts with a lopsided shape which appealed to me. I punched them with what I am calling a "spark" stamp, it also resembles a flower. Copyright Chelsea Weiss at www.ChelseaSparks.com

Then I put down some tape to help guide stamping the word 'BLOOM' into each one.Copyright Chelsea Weiss at www.ChelseaSparks.com
And added a couple more "sparks".
Copyright Chelsea Weiss at www.ChelseaSparks.com
Then I hammered some texture to the whole heart.
Copyright Chelsea Weiss at www.ChelseaSparks.com
After adding the texture, the heart would become concave, so I used a mallet and my anvil to create a convex heart instead.
Copyright Chelsea Weiss at www.ChelseaSparks.com
Next I will be painting them with either alcohol ink or Vintaj metal paint and then sealing them. The last step will be to add some additional bling and a lobster clasp. I will be sure to share the progress when I get to those steps.

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