Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dear Sweet Wild Megan

Art Journal doodling by Chelsea Weiss of
Art Journal doodle

So you know those people who when you first meet them you KNOW they are way special and different from most people you meet? Well, one of those people for me I met through Nicole (Nicole is also on that special & different list) and her name is Megan. Nicole knew her in high school and I think through FB, they reconnected a few years back. Nicole is a fabulous wordsmith and how she described Megan is "tumbleweed on fire" - where you might get sucked into rolling flaming tumbleweed or you might just get singed as she rolls on by you.

This has become how I also describe Megan to anyone I meet. She is an amazing and dynamic woman going through a big transition in her life. Today at her home, she purged a ton of stuff and invited people to come over and bring their "crap" and we basically had a "crap swap". I doodled this page while spending time with some great people all connected through Ms. Tumbleweed on Fire.

In hindsight I wish I had centered the word 'FIRE' on the background circle, but it is a doodle after all. Gotta have a little serendipity happen.

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