Friday, March 28, 2014

Lots of Storage - Built In Cabinet

When I lived in my mom's home years ago, I didn't have a bedroom dresser like most people. Instead I had an old china cabinet that my mom had bought years before. She replaced the glass with a mirror and I put my clothes in it in stacks on the shelves and it had one big drawer below.

I never adopted very well to a dresser after I passed the china cabinet back to my mom. Unfortunately it wouldn't fit up the stairs in our new house and I only halfway ever finished striping the old paint off of it. I found that with dresser drawers I would put my clothes folded neatly in stacks, but when I needed something from the bottom of the stack, well the stack got messier and messier each time. Then I would only cram the clean laundry back in...

Then came along the idea for a built in cabinet. I had just the spot for it. I found a design inspiration and commissioned my brother to build it for me. He does such great work. It turned out just gorgeous. I might have shown it before, but that was before the walls were repaired and painted and the new flooring was installed.

So here it is in all it's glory.

By Chelsea Weiss of
By Chelsea Weiss of
Now that's a lot of storage!