Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 - The Year of ...?

Christmas Eve Cookies photo by Chelsea Weiss of

Christmas Eve Cookies

2014: The Year of __________________ (fill-in-your-blank)

Excerpt from a previous blog post (found here

"I think declaring what YOU want the year to be is so much more inspirational than traditional New Year's resolutions. Most people don't seem to keep their resolutions for very long and they often quickly give them up. When I declare what my year will be - I seem to be more inspired because I have all year. There is more permanence to it for me. Stating 2013 will be The Year Of... insert something cool here...seems bigger than little ol' me and some meager resolution."

I declared 2013 to be the Year of Prolific Artwork for my Creative Soul. I participated in a local art display/show, went to 2 art retreats and took a number of online classes. I didn't do as much artwork as I would have liked, but I did more than if I had not declared so for my year. I made a large number of new friends that are artists, which continues to delight me to no end. I started a Meet Up group for local artists and we met 3 times at the end of the year.

In looking at what I will declare for 2014 I am present to that I really want more of what 2013 brought. My husband pointed out that I could make the same declaration and he is right. I do want to add something to make it more specific for this year. It will be about art work & art friends and connection. Oh, and health and wellness are due for another visit into my plans and declarations.

So I ask YOU...If you were to generate something new or generate more of in your life for 2014, what might that be?



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