Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kind Words

Iris by Chelsea Weiss of
Iris close up by chelsea weiss from Art In-spire Maze in Frederick, Maryland 2003
I asked a dear friend, Nicole, to write a short blurb describing me and what I do. Yes, these words do come from a good friend, but Nicole and I were also at different times roommates AND coworkers. To me it seems that is someone who KNOWS ME well AND still wants to say these words about me. I was a bit overwhelmed when I first read them because they seemed too good for little ol me. My husband asked me if any of it wasn't true, so I reread it and answered almost blushing muttered, "no". So here it is:

Chelsea Weiss is a walking toolkit of creativity, innovation, inspiration, and artistic skill.  The ever-expanding spectrum of her talents includes graphic design, interior design, event design and coordination, and innovative collage work.  Through her career, Chelsea has ongoingly participated in artistic learning experiences in a variety of mixed-media specialties.  Always open to learning a new technique, she is constantly experimenting, producing vibrant and inspirational works of art.

Thank you, Nicole.

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