Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tea Party Fun!

Table setting by Chelsea Weiss of
Tea party
Today I had a Tea Party for some girlfriends. As they arrived we went upstairs to my bedroom to add the necessary accoutrements to their outfit like jewelry, vintage hats and silk flowers. Once properly made up & all Tea Party festive we headed back to the kitchen for mini mimosas with a splash of grenadine.

I set the table with my grandmother's tea cups and some vintage dishes I bought from Etsy. I was going for a very elaborate ornate style table, but have a somewhat smallish table for seating 7 people. I put silk flowers at the base of the water glasses, used cloth napkins with porcelain bird napkin rings from BHDLN, small flower arrangements and other sparkly goodies. All the other dishes & tableware was from our wedding china or handed down to me from my Nana (pronounced Nah-nuh).

We ate tea sandwiches with the crusts cut off like: cucumber sandwiches, date nut soup can bread with cream cheese & strawberries, smoked salmon & cucumber sandwiches and blue cheese and sliced red grapes on pumpernickel bread. I also served portobello mushrooms with a tomato bruschetta and mozzarella and small skewers of fresh fruit.

Table setting by Chelsea Weiss of
Pastel Velvet Cake with Buttercream frosting
I made a pastel checkerboard Velvet cake for dessert, which turned out super delicious. One of my besties, Heather, decorated the cake for me. She monogrammed it with my initials and fleured it up so pretty.

Each girlfriend got a party favor that was a sheer silky bag filled with vintage style candies (like necco wafers, root beer barrels, tootsie rolls, butterscotch candies, mary janes, smarties & couple others), a fancy lip gloss from Sephora, a mini nail polish and a tea towel from Counter Couture on Etsy. The tea towels were made from flour sacks and had cherries or a strawberry screen printed on them.
Table setting by Chelsea Weiss of www.ChelseaSparks.comTea Party table setting
Table setting by Chelsea Weiss of
Table setting
Table setting by Chelsea Weiss of
Pastel Checkerboard Velvet cake

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