Thursday, February 7, 2013

Postcard Project to Jane Davies Studios

Last year (2012) I was fortunate enough to meet & take a class taught by Jane Davies. At Create! NJ, my mom and I took "Scribble Paint" with Jane one evening. It was very fun experience in and of itself, but taking it with my Mommas was extra special. 

In our conversations throughout the evening, I recommended a book to Jane that SARK had recommended to me back in 2009 at one of SARK's workshops. The book is called 'Refuse to Choose' by Barbara Sher. It opened a whole new world of acceptance and creativity into my life. Jane & I emailed back & forth some about the book. 

Recently while checking up on what Jane was up to -  I read about a project of hers on her blog. It's a multi-faceted project to help save her local post office (which is this cute little building that is just charming). The post office needs to generate more revenue AND needs to process more mail. So she is asking for people to send her postcards - handmade ones - to flood the post office AND she will post the pictures of the postcards on her blog The first 200 postcards received she will send YOU a postcard in return.

Here's what I cooked up for Jane:

Postcard for Jane Davies from Chelsea Weiss
my postcard to Jane

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  1. I got your card today, Chelsea. THANKS! SO fun to get all this cool, spontaneous art in the mail. We're going to display all the cards either in the PO or somewhere else in Rupert, at some point. Fun fun FUN!