Thursday, June 21, 2012

My 2011 Birthday gift from Hillary

I asked Hillary for my last birthday to give me the gift of writing to me 'who I am for her?'. This is what she wrote for me (there is one line omitted about something gross, so I spared you that little tid bit).

The outside of the card had a dictionary definition as such:

BRILL'IANT (bril'yant), a. [Fr. bril-
lant, p. pr. of briller, to shine or
sparkle.]  1.  Sparkling with luster.
2.   Splendid; shining. --n.   A dia-
mond of the finest cut.

The inside was in her funky handwriting:

            Who YOU ARE FOR ME is: a shiny spark of brilliance, ideas in motion, flowing, evolving, materializing, inspiration, finesse, love, support, child-like sense of wonder and play, precision, creation, authenticity, smooth lines and tiny miniatures, laughter, compassion, a maker of dreams, unbounded creativity and expression, consideration, file folders and wicked organization skills, the queen of artistic nuance, uncensored, crafty, story-teller divine, nurturing, the chef who cooks with love, unconditional LOVE, simple wisdom, un-nameable grace, beautiful big mouth, snarky mean girl who is really nice, dear friend, second-hand midwife, creative problem solver and devoted forever friend...and on and on it goes!

You are a brilliant light in my life, CHELSEA

A place where I revel in coming back to again and again - because you never cease to shock and amaze me with who you are!!



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