Friday, July 27, 2012

A Tour of Our Lovely Home, part 3: Man Cave

Now we are standing in the basement hallway looking back up the stairwell. I wanted going into the basement to be a pleasant transition, so we installed flexible white track lighting. Two separate tracks bend and curve there way down the sloped ceiling of the stairwell leading to the Man Cave.

This view is of my husband's man cave looking back towards the hallway and stairs. I designed the space, while my hubby did all the work to the basement. It was shiny-sided insulated walls and concrete floor before he took this project on.

He installed a pocket door, so the room could act as a guest room as needed with the sofa being a sleeper sofa. The long wall has three built-ins: one is a bookcase and the other two are glass display shelves with puck lights to accent them.
The main ceiling lights are copper mesh and have white plexi bottoms, so you don't look up and see a bare bulb. At the far end of the room is his salt water aquarium, built into the wall. His feature item is clown fish and anemones.

We used Ikea over the refrigerator cabinets stacked for the storage unit along with a few kitchen drawer units. The countertop is a beautiful granite with a large scale earthy pattern running through it. Molas that were Dad's treasures from his stay in Panama are all around the room. My husband also installed wall washer lighting all around the room as well as a surround sound system. It is a man cave afterall.

The other feature of the room, a 47" flat screen. Given the narrowness of the room, it would have been overkill to have gone any larger.

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