Friday, July 27, 2012

A Tour of Our Lovely Home, part 2: Visit my Studio

Now we travel up to my studio, which is on the third floor. I found these great shelving units from either Crate and Barrel or CB2, which are fabulous storage for glues and paints. Since they are so shallow, they use the stairwell space efficiently. The wall hanging on the left is actually three 2'x3' satin cord rugs that I found on sale at Pier 1, just hung end to end.
Looking from the studio down into the stairwell to my IKEA display cabinet. I am a miniaturist fan, so it houses all my collectible mini chairs by famous designers. I also like objects shown in the wrong scale, like the oversized tennis ball next to the cabinet. The flowers on the wall are magnetic from Umbra. Large circular magnetic boards are great places to display inspirational images.
This is my paper desk with an very active inspiration board above it. I used clear cd pocket sleeves to contain the smaller items towards the bottom. The top I leave open for larger inspirational pieces.
Lots of reference materials!
I am so thankful we had a rough in for a sink up here. It makes messy projects so much easier to clean up.
I like to keep fun, eye catching goodies on the windowsill. I am sucker for shiny objects!

I have 16 feet of counterspace on one wall with 2 workstations and my awesome papercutter. The bookcase houses more inspirational and how-to books.

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