Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Tour of Our Lovely Home, part 1: 1st Floor

It is my dream to one day have our home shown in a design magazine. I know there is a lot more to be done before that could happen, but I think I am on the way. Please enjoy this tour of our home over the next few posts. The only rooms not shown are the main bedroom, which is in limbo, and the laundry room & storage room.

We live in a cohousing community, which are typically less formal homes. As you come into our home there is a small vestibule and then BAM, you are in the kitchen.
To find out more about cohousing, visit our website . The kitchen is mostly builder grade materials at this point. We will redo it at a later date. We are currently building a screened porch addition, so kitchen remodel will have to wait.

View looking back towards entry. I am a huge fan of Tiffany style lighting. This particular design is a copy of a design by Clara Driscoll, who worked in Louis Comfort Tiffany's studio. So her work got his name on it. I have an opinion about that, but that's another post if I ever chose to address it.

We have a somewhat open concept plan without actually having a great room. This it the view from the kitchen looking into the first part of the living room, which a long narrow room with two seating areas separated by the bar (armoire).

View after having stepped towards the living room.

I have such a fondness for circles in design, that you will see them repeated throughout the house. This wall has a custom handpainted circle pattern on it. I put different color paints on the end of a brush and then rotated the brush to create a circle. There are 4-5 layers of circles all in all.

Now we are looking back towards the front of the house standing by the back sliding glass door that will lead to the screened porch.

 Next to the living room is our dining room. I LOVE the leopard patterned rug!

I wouldn't subject my husband to this magenta in a large room, but what fun in a little powder room!

On the second floor are the main bedroom & main bath. Here is the guest room. I am now remembering that I didn't photograph the guest bath either. Oh well, it isn't that exciting yet. The paintings on either side of the bed are my work.

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