Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Marketing Illustration

I work on such a variety of creative jobs. I thought I might share the process I am using to do a rendering.

This week besides getting ready for an invitation assembly in my studio with a wedding party, I am working on a rendering for my community's Marketing team. We now have buildable lots for sale and need to have a shiny cut sheet for the basic model home. Here's the progression:

First I took a photograph of an existing home that is the same as the model.

Then I loosely draft a line drawing of the house.

 I scan the line drawing, print out a copy on textured paper and start testing out how my design markers take to the paper. After this I will be adding colored pencil details.
After I get all my color "recipes" figured out, I will do one more print and apply all the design marker and colored pencil with greater care and detail.
I hope you enjoyed this little creative share!


  1. Chelsea,

    Your talent is boundless! I enjoyed seeing your creative process as I got to also see your amazing artistry.