Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wedding Celebration Invitation Design

Now that the party has passed I can post the pictures of the invitation to the wedding celebration and explain more about it.

The elements from the invitation that were repeated at the event were:

     1- orange stripes on the invitation also appeared on the paper fill-your-own bags at the candy bar along with the starburst with the newlyweds names
     2- the doilie edge punched into the invitation was repeated by actual doilies on each of the dining tables
     3- paper lanterns and "paint chip strands" appear on the invitation and tons of them also hung from the ceiling at the event
     4- and OF COURSE the lots of white with candy colors was in the invitation as well as all over the party (pink, orange, aqua, lime green and yellow)! See for yourself below in the images of each page of the invitation.

The Bake Sale was a huge success for Chris & Joellan with the money going towards their honeymoon trip to Orlando (in May). It was a fun way to have guests participate, and we had A LOT of people participate.

The last page/back of the invitation was a perforated postcard for the guest to send in with his/her response.

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  1. Wow. Looking at this brings it all back -- that was the most colorful, delightful, fun event I have ever attended. Most amazing -- ALL of the people having such a good time there! EVERY single person engaged, playing, dancing, eating, chatting, writing notes, filling up bags of candy like a candyland dream!