Saturday, April 2, 2011

Event Map for Wedding Celebration

There were so many different areas to visit for Joellan & Chris' wedding celebration party that I posted a map at the entrance. I'm not sure that people used it or not. It seemed as though guests visited the different activities or lounges. The event was held at the Woodsboro VFC Activities Complex.

The idea behind creating these specific areas was to encourage people to move around to see everything and participate in all there was to do.

There was a "Postcard Station", which was an idea from an event that Cindy Fischer from Fandango did years ago with that event being a surprise wedding with a hawaiian theme. Guests were encouraged to write  a message to the couple on vintage looking hawaiian postcards. I modified the idea to be the guest book, with "typed" message in an all white typewriter that read like a letter from the bride & groom,

Dear Wedding Celebration Guest,

          Please have a seat.  Take a minute to share your marriage advice or special wishes for us as newlyweds.  Instead of a traditional guest book we are creating a postcard collection.
                            Yours Truly,
                               Joellan & Chris

P.S. Look in the white box for a postcard and a pen.

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