Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wedding - Coordination & Design went Awesome!

Stasia & Matt's Wedding & Reception went really well. I'll have more pictures to post, but here is a little snapshot of the Reception at Musket Ridge Golf Club's Catoctin Hall. There will be more images to come at a later date.

This is one of the "tree" centerpieces. The vase contained water softener salt that will be used in our household softener. Blue LED light were imbedded in the top of the salt to shine up onto the kuwa branches after the sun had set. White LED floralytes were in the eyelet paper lanterns. Mirrored garland and crystal baubles dangled from the branches. This centerpiece was the "tall" arrangement in the room, which added design height.
photograph by penchant photography

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  1. Chels, that looks AMAZING!!!

  2. I've never seen ANYthing as gorgeous, colorful, and fun than this wedding design Chelsea did!

  3. This was really something to behold. You felt truly transported. Stasia was really blessed to have you, Chels.

  4. Susan, Mother of the BrideOctober 11, 2010 at 11:41 AM

    FABULOUS!!! Rated the best wedding ever attended by many!! So much love to you.

  5. The room was transcendent. Gave us a joyful and peaceful place to celebrate.