Monday, August 30, 2010

Fabulous Bridal Shower for Stasia

Here are some photographs from this past weekend's bridal shower at my home.

Flowers & Decor by

Cakes by Bite Me (Heather Flannery)
Heather made all the flowers that are on all the cakes! One has actual ribbon around it. 

Food by Peas N Carrots (Anna Martin)
The theme regions of the world tapas in 4 rounds with 2 tapas each round.
Regions included: The Far East, Latin America, The Middle East and Europe.



  1. OMG, the food was so awesome. And everything was just beautiful. Stasia is so lucky.

  2. I wanted to report to everybody who wasn’t there how incredibly lovely and perfect the wedding shower was that Chelsea and Callie put together for our little Stasia. How shocking and surprising to find out she’s all grown up and getting married!

    What a perfect event it was! The first thing that struck me was the set up of the house to accommodate all the guests because Chelsea had re-designed everything to provide really excellent food stations and seating areas for about 30 people in her not-so-big house. There will be pictures eventually of the decorations, which were of course wedding themed in the colors of the wedding invite, and gorgeous!

    The food was unusual to say the least – the chef was right there on site making tappas for us, from sushi to falafels to a scallop/ravioli dish. Several of us – come to find out later – were sort of sneaking around trying to find out what was left of certain dishes to get more! (Stasia and I and a couple of others apparently went nuts for the sushi.)

    Callie had really excellent games to play – I think the best was that as gifts were opened, a note was pulled from a dish by the giver of the gift. The note was a dating story from someone in the room and Stasia had to guess who. I think Mom’s was the best story of getting nauseous on the ferris wheel and leaning into her then-boyfriend, who thought it meant something and he proposed. Hah!

    Also, Callie had collected recipes from attendees and made it up into a book for Stasia that people could then add personal notes to at the party, plus each person got to take home a copy of the recipes with a special salt rub Callie made up into a pretty little take-away packet.

    I think Callie and Chelsea probably spent most of Sunday asleep, because the work they put into this event was amazing. It was the most delightful wedding shower I could ever imagine, a very, very special day.

    Aunt Sue

  3. Stasia's shower was just right. Loved when we all wrote about our first kiss or date. There were some very interesting answers. I now want to ask every female I know about her experiences. The food was great. I like trying new things and it was all delicious. It was a lot of fun. The pre-planning showed. It was very well done and I can't wait to do it again.