Monday, March 29, 2010

New Ways I'm Being Green: Sustainable Living Changes

As far as sustainable practives are concerned we already:
  • Recycle throughout the house, not just the kitchen.
  • Have geothermal heating & cooling.
  • Live in a cohousing community
  • Eat eggs from the neighbors' chickens.
Recently I've been adding these things into my life and my life with my husband:
  • I use reusable shopping bags, not just for groceries either. I love them from
  • Make my own bread from scratch - oh, so fresh.
  • Today I sowed tomato plant & basil plant seeds to get them ready to plant outdoors after the last frost.
  • Make my own yogurt from milk and activator - oh, so fresh.
  • I'm am in the middle of starting my own worm composter.
  • We are looking at joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) up the road.
How cool is all that? What are you doing that is considered a sustainable practice? Please share your comments.


  1. Elaine Doyle-GillespieMarch 30, 2010 at 10:05 PM

    Here are some things that Ed and I do to live a green life:

    I recycle everything I can (and have been known to carry bottles and such home from restaurants, etc).
    We have a programmable thermostat.
    WeI unplug all electrical appliances not being used and have bought an electrical outlet for the tv/dvd that shuts it off when not in use.
    We use eco-friendly light bulbs, batteries.
    We belong to two CSAs and buy all our produce, meats, dairy and bread locally.
    We use reusable shopping bags for all shopping (always keep one in my purse). And, I also bring reusable produce bags.
    When shopping, we choose products that have the least packaging or ones that have been made from recycled material.
    When doing errands, we do them all on one day.
    I buy most of my clothes secondhand.
    I just created a brigade on
    As we need to replace furniture or appliances, I search for ones that are more eco-friendly.
    I walk everywhere I can.
    We buy cleaning and hygiene products that are eco-friendly.
    We use the least amount of water as possible.

    Things I want to do:
    Create a garden, make my own bread and yogurt, and can and dehydrate seasonal veggies.

  2. Boy, Elaine, that's just a few! Way to go!

  3. Here's what I do:

    Hand wash dishes, use dishwasher as drying rack
    Woodstove heats house and cuts down on electric when used with heat
    Recycling-paper, plastic, glass, aluminum
    Ceiling fan for woodstove heat and as ac in summer
    Reuse paper scraps to make lists
    Reuse glass jars to store grains, beans
    Buy things in bulk / and products with less packaging
    Eat in season, organic, locally, farmers markets, grow my own
    Worm /compost box
    Reusable glass containers
    Cloth napkins
    Dish soap that is not harmful to the earth

    Use a cold frame to grow my food almost all year long
    Recycle yard trimmings
    Compost pile- food, leaves, etc.
    Use Sustainable seed companies
    Save seeds from year to year
    Use Ash from woodstove as a soil amendment
    Plant a row for the hungry in the garden-donate to local soup kitchen
    Grow my own herbs and make my own tinctures
    Use a Rain barrel to water the garden
    Choose organic methods for pest control

    Family room
    Shades down during day in summer, open at night instead of ac
    On warm winter days, shades up to heat house
    Use Storm door to let sunlight in in winter
    Plexiglass or storm door for winter
    Heat at 68 in winter-wear a sweater and slippers instead
    Turn down during day when not home
    Close doors and vents for rooms not in use
    donate used books to library, check out library books instead of new

    Jar full of water in back of toilet to save water
    Turn water off when brushing teeth
    Use Low flow showerhead
    Don’t flush every time
    Use Recycled toilet paper
    Save and reuse bath water for plants
    Shampoo, soap and products that are not harmful to the earth
    Flush toilet paper rather than putting in trash
    Recycle cardboard tp tubes…good for hamsters or art projects

    More blankets in winter
    Shutting door to keep heat in in winter
    Lots of Plants help filter the air and provide soothing environment for sleep
    Donate clothing to women’s shelters, rescue mission or purple heart who give it away for free
    Clothing swap with friends
    Go through kids rooms often for outgrown clothes, toys, books, etc to donate
    Shop at yard sales and thrift stores or have a kids swap

    Laundry Room
    Full loads, cold water
    Clothes line to dry- inside and out
    Adjust water heater to 120

    Let it grow
    Compost grass clippings or leave them be
    Let wild edibles thrive..chickory, dandelion, wineberry, etc.
    Plant herbs
    More plants, less lawn