Friday, January 29, 2010

Self-Imposed Time Out

I am visiting "My Happy Place". That's the name of my mom's little house over in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Isn't she so clever that mom of mine? I've come to give myself a time out. I've been so busy working on my shoulder rehab and making some headway on some projects that I haven't made time for the upcoming design projects.

In needing to start the new ones and I found I needed to get away. Sometimes it is hard to work on a new project - at the initial design process when I'm home. At home there is the pile(s) of stuff that I need to put away, that wall that I've been needing to recaulk and paint or those many little visual cues to things that have yet to be done. It's like when I go on vacation and forget all about the visual reminders from my daily life and I'm more stress free. None of those nagging visual cues is sneaking in to take my thoughts away from the designs to be.

So-here I am on a retreat from everyday life with the inspirations & accoutrements needed for the projects I'm diving into next. Books, magazines, sketchbooks, pens, laptop...some of Mom's famous rum cake that I made before I left, oh, it is complete bliss - although I have to admit I do miss honey and my little kitty.

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