Monday, November 9, 2009

City life vs. Country life

I visited one of my sisters that lives in DC this weekend. It was a great visit filled with lots of walking and getting to hang out and meet my sis' housemates. We cooked dinner together with goodies from a farmer's market and the local Whole Foods. I was a bit nostalgic having lived in Baltimore city in my twenties. Having stores and restaurants that are within walking distance is so convenient and somewhat invigorating since now I have to drive 15-20 minutes through the country to get to the nearest grocery store.

Even with all those conveniences so close by - I'm still delighted to be where I am. One difference that I noticed for myself was how city life can tend to numb people. It's like they have to shield themselves from other people since they are in such close proximity to one another. Currently my days are spent up in my studio working on a big web site design project where I could go all day only speaking out loud to our cat. The amount of stimulation I get is by my environment or by the project at hand.

While being in DC in the grocery store my senses were overwhelmed by all the moving people around me. Everywhere I turned I was in someone's way or they were in mine. I tend to have this openess when in public that I often start conversation with the people around me - in line waiting or holding the door for someone I often engage them in talking. I found that having so many people buzzing around me it was somewhat exhausting. I could see the need for city people to shut down or create a protective shell around themselves just to survive. I know for myself it made me tired in a way.

It was a wonderfull visit and I'll do it again, but for everyday life I am so pleased to be where I can have some peace, fresh air and see the stars at night.

Thankfull for what the world has to offer in all it's richness.

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  1. I love the city, but I do miss the stars! Every time I go home to visit my family, I'm always in awe of the stars because I never see them in the city and I sometimes forget they exist...