Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Live in Your Space Differently

Recently I've started reading a book called Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher and have started an Idea Book as she recommends in the book. The concept behind the book is to capture my enthusiasm about all the ideas that I have and give them a place to live with respect instead of being just passing fancies in my thoughts. It is a large beautiful bound blank page sketchbook and I'm supposed to give it a special place. An example place to keep it that she suggests is something like the podium where you might keep a dictionary. I don't really want another piece of furniture, so this is the a-ha I had about it yesterday.

You know how many homes have "formal" dining rooms? We have one, but it's not really formal except it generally it is a one purpose room - dining with friends or a buffet of food for a larger group. I seldom like to leave anything on the table because I know how I am and that once one item is there it multiplies into a group of stuff that needs to be put away. I've gotten pretty good at keeping the space clear of clutter on a consistent basis.

Yesterday it occurred to me that it is a waste to have this beautiful room that hardly ever gets used. So now my Idea Book lives there. I can sit down in comfort in a beautiful uncluttered space and write in my book AND not clutter it up! It is fantastic and so simple.

Do you have any places in your home that you never visit or use? How could you incorporated that space into your every day life?

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  1. We don't use the dining room, either. Your thoughts have set me to wondering what could I use that lovely room for? The table is right by a big window overlooking the yard and school yard... going to have to think about it, but I do love this room. (Just painted!)