Friday, October 23, 2009

Making the Bed Makes All the Difference

I have this self-creating clutter issue where I mess up our space very quickly without even realizing I'm doing it. All of the sudden I'm swimming in piles of things that need to be put away or taken to another area of the house. Of course after returning from a trip or vacation it might take me weeks to unpack AND put all the crap away.

In the last year I've been home more often and I've been working on this spontaneous clutter issue. How I started breaking the habit was by doing a very simple short task 30 seconds to a minute every morning...a task of making the bed. Now -not a full straighten out the sheets bed making - more of a simply smooth and pillows replaced type bed making.

I'll tell ya, IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE for me. It's so calming to come into our bedroom with a made bed. It makes all the clothes on the floor or the drinking glass collection on the nightstand not work anymore. And overall I tend to put things away in a more timely manner not just in that room, but other areas of the house as well.

So try it out, see if making your bed each day for a week helps alleviate your space cluttering tendancies and maybe it will bring a little peace to your environment too.

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