Monday, August 24, 2009

SARK - Creative Dreams Workshop - NC 2009

It was fantastically amazing to be a part of SARK's workshop this past weekend. Of course meeting SARK was delightful. Seeing someone so clearly living her life exactly as she wants is so inspiring. She is human, but so evolved by the abundance of clarity.

My original intention was to figure out the next steps in my creative dream, but I found so much more. My creative dream is to be a creative coach and a prolific artist. I found a connection to other spirited souls. I discovered that my support world had gotten very small and I am so excited to have these new connections.

Another treat I came away with was how I desire to have my friends and family see me as I am now. That I feel that so many people have frozen me in moments of time and have trouble seeing me as I am now. When I told a group of mentors at the workshop that I am seen by many of my friends and family as an uptight person - they were shocked because they didn't see me that way at all! When my friends and family view me this way I find that my joy shrinks. What glowed from what these mentors had to say was pure delight! I want more delight! It felt sooo good!

I will share about my SARK weekend in future blogs. Thanks for reading.

Don't forget to check out SARK's website There's lots to uncover there.

-- charmingly chelsea

How are you loving yourself?

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