Monday, August 31, 2009

Do You Use the Internet or Does the Internet Use You?

I am baffled at how many people don't take the time to check in on their friends via the web. I've been surprised that so many of my friends and family haven't been to my web sight or blog. I'm reaching out and so many people are too busy to take 4-5 minutes to view them. Yes, there are those people that use Facebook to see the latest, but most people are afraid of getting online for too long or we don't trust how long we will be online or that we will waste our day or night away. We have it that we can't control ourselves about how long we are online - is that it? Or there's just not enough time? If you read my blog - you know how I feel about time.

Take back your power and reconnect with your friends by reading their blogs & commenting and even viewing their web pages! You have a say at what you do online. You say how long! You say if you have enough time!

It is time for us to use the technology and not be used by the technology. It can be your friend and help you stay connected.

Try it and see what shows up.

-- charming chelsea

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  1. Chelsea, I feel the same way. It doesn't take that long to read/reply to an email or click a link then go back to it later if you don't have the time to fully explore.