Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another SARK weekend delightful tidbits

SARK said these things (or something very similar) I'm not sure if they are all her quotes or not.

We do things when we are delighted, not when we are crabby or overwhelmed.

The appropriate uses of the words yes & no make more room for love.

If you don't go within, you go without.

She is a 'self-entertaining unit'.

Healing is a spiral, not a ladder.

Everything that we are trying to hide are what people love about us.

Practice new ways of receiving. Experiment with how you've been and do it differently. If you've been outspoken, try being quiet...

The opposite of old is not young. The opposite of old is new...(lost the thought here i did) long as understand? that you can gloriously inhabit all your ages.

Action comes before inspiration!! Many people think the opposite.

We do things out of delight - we also do things out of oppression, fear, our inner critics - but it doesn't last as long.

Perfection stifles life.

Re-frame - rewrite the story.

When we repeat & recreate - it brings up old items & our bodies don't know the difference.

When someone sends you an email that you don't care for - resend the email to yourself of what you wish the person had said!

HATU - hugs across the universe

I strongly recommend getting SARK's book Making Your Creative Dreams Real. It's delightful & insightful reading.

That's all I've got for now. HATU to you!

-- charming chelsea

How are you loving yourself?


  1. These are great. I always tell my writing class that many beginners believe it's inspiration before action, so they wait around for inspiration before they attempt to write anything, when it's really action before inspiration. You have to sit down to write, no matter how you feel, and the inspiration will come.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. chelsea you little darling! thank you for your great words and abundant life energy~ so great to be with you at Goddess in Bloom!

  3. Hi, *hatu* was something my brother Johnny made up and he told me about it in a most *extraordinary* way. I had the pleasure of telling SARK about on stage in front of an audience last year in 2008.