Friday, July 10, 2015

Before I started out blogging...I did this

I think I had forgotten that I haven't been blogging my whole adult life. I forgot about one particular adventure that I missed posting about because I wasn't yet blogging.

While an Interior Design student at AACC (Anne Arundel Community College) I entered a competition with ASID (American Society of Interior Design). The winners would have their work printed in Chesapeake Home magazine in October 2006. I won an honorable mention, but the magazine changed the format for student winners and did NOT print his/her work or the name of his/her project in the magazine...ONLY our names were printed. It was an honor to win, but a bit of a disappointment not to have our work shown in the magazine. Here are the images I have from that endeavor.

ASID AWARD for Chelsea Weiss of

My meager award mention



Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Well, I had to paint more luggage!

Getting ready for my trip to Italy by packing early. I had planned on having one medium size piece of luggage and one hard case as a carry on, but the tour company has other ways of dealing with luggage. Instead I am to have 1 large suitcase and another small bag. The smaller bag can't have wheels or stick out pulley type handles. With this news I had to ask Pete if I could paint our one large piece of luggage...he had no objections, but if I ever expected him to carry it - it should be colors with him in mind. That means no neon or color wildness. Here is what I came up with in Pete friendly color and graphics. I still want to add some line work by hand to further enhance the paint & stencils.

Painted by Chelsea Weiss of
Large luggage: binary



Tuesday, June 23, 2015

One-of-a-kind Luggage!

I thought some of you might be inspired to paint your luggage, so here are some basic tips I can offer after having painted mine. The first photograph lists the supplies I used. I had hard suitcases instead of fabric ones. I didn't want to deal with the fabric type soaking up all the paint. I prefer using the hard cases because of how lightweight they are.

painted suitcase project
  • For spray paints I went to our stash in the basement and picked out colors I thought would work with the pink color suitcases I had. Matt or gloss will work. Use what you have if you can. No need to spend money if you have some around. My suitcases had a textured surface, so the glossy spray paints were kind of lost on it.
  • As far as how many layers, it depends on your level of patience. I added my paint in light layers, so it dried quickly. My advice is don't go too dark right away if your suitcases are light colored. Work up the color gradually. I selected similar type patterns for my stencils that coordinated well together. Think about the scale of each of the patterns. I found I liked the larger patterns in the background and added the smaller ones as accents to the larger ones. 
  • I used pieces of cardboard (like the backs of a pad of paper) to mask off areas where I didn't want the paint to go. 
  • After all the spray paint dried I added some line work with paint pens.
  • I haven't decided if I am going to coat it with a layer of clear coat or not. I kind of like the idea of the paint possibly coming off, so I can paint them again to freshen them up.

painted suitcase project
If you decide to try this out on your luggage, please share a picture with me!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Spray Painting My Luggage

Last year or some time ago I saw a FB post from an art friend Kecia ( where she painted her luggage all fun and crazy. I liked the idea of my luggage being easy to find on the conveyor belt at the airport, but have relied on the tied on bright colored ribbon technique as my identifier. Today I went out with some spray paints and stencils and played around on my new suitcases. I liked the pink suitcase background to start with, instead of a more typical black or gray suitcase.

Painted by Chelsea Weiss of
my new luggage

What do you think? Will anyone mistake my luggage for his/her own?



Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Year Long Commitment to my Mommas & her Stuff

This was my second weekend working at my Mom's to help her arrange and declutter her home and her life...and all the various rooms and spaces filled with stuff. My help to my mom is free except I get little goodies as gifts as I uncover all her treasures. I got to pick where I started as well. I chose her studio because it is an inspiring space and I couldn't wait to get permission to move her junk around in there. I have moved my mom's stuff around since I lived at home with her. She was a single working mom, so she never had time to do a ton of housework or rearranging. She came home to a rearranged living room quite a bit when I was a teenager.

Here is the BEFORE video of her studio space:

This video is from my second time working on the studio. I took this video today, Sunday, June 21, 2015.

In August I have friends coming down to stay at her place and help me kick butt on another area of my mom's world. The plan is to have a giant yard sale in the Spring of it for the long haul. I will keep you updated on this journey as it progresses.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Frustrated with myself

Studio Chelsea Weiss of
South end of studio

Some times I get so frustrated with myself. I have this most amazing studio space which has been 60% straightened since January when I moved my jewelry & mobile making tools & supplies into a rented shop space. My studio is the third floor of our house and there is a sink. My shop is in a neighbor's basement. I am frustrated with myself because after being in my studio for a couple of hours today I cannot understand why I stay away from coming up here. It is an amazing space and I make this dumb list of all the things that need to be done before I can spend time up here. I think it has to do with not cleaning up after myself RIGHT after I work on something. I tend to work on something and leave the mess it makes and then don't begin anything new because of the mess. And since it isn't cleaned up I can just stack all this crap here instead of putting it away. I mean, it is already a mess.

Studio Chelsea Weiss of
West Windows in studio

It would be good practice to do more of these things:
1. Stand in each my Studio and Shop each day.
2. Clean up after I work on something.
3. Put things in their homes.

I could also use some help figuring out what to keep, as far as records of the things I have done or have worked on in the past and what can go away AND what is the best way to go. For example, I have 6 copies of a particular Chesapeake Home magazine that my name is listed in for a student Interior Design award...but that was in 2006. Should I keep it? Should it be on my resume? I have trouble figuring out what is good "content" of my accomplishments.

You know having people over to my space is another way to make me be inspired to clean up. If it wasn't for those occasions my studio would be used even less I am afraid. Some art sisters are coming over for a play weekend! I am beyond excited, so I better get my butt off this chair and straightening my studio! Buh,bye.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

2015 Lucketts Store Spring Market part 1

Oh, MY! My first market was today at The Lucketts Store Spring Market. I am new to this type of market, and it was so exciting to experience. I met great people there and saw so much fun & beauty. Met my art sisters, Carol & Bette there and had a delightful day walking around and having lunch. Made connections with sellers to learn about what they do and possibilities for working together. Just overwhelmed at just how freakin great this day was.

Started out heading Into the Market through Gate B. Meet some lovely ladies from up in Pennsylvannia while waiting in line. Saw the sweetest 11 month old golden retriever in training to be a guide dog/companion. He was just loving rubbing in the green grass. Must of felt good!

Headed down and met some gals from The Pink Cabbage - Gina, Tiffany & Jody. They had LOVELY displays.

Photo by Chelsea Weiss of
Display by The Pink Cabbage
photo by Chelsea Weiss of
Display by The Pink Cabbage


photo by Chelsea Weiss of
Display by The Pink Cabbage


I enjoyed talking with Heidi Beatty from Puddin' & Peanuts. She was eager & helpful to share information on where my moving mobile art might be well recieved. I could have stayed and talked with her and her man for the whole time, BUT there was MORE to see!I have more photos to share and stories to tell, but I am plum worn out from walking around the place. I think I will have more for tomorrow. I think I used up a good percent of my words for the week ALL IN ONE DAY!

Photo by Chelsea Weiss of