Friday, April 24, 2015

Mobile Making Fun

I made this mobile last Fall and it looks so lovely in our living room.

Currently working on a a beach & jewelry inspired mobile for an upcoming sweepstakes. Keep an eye out for details!

Mobile by Chelsea Weiss of



Friday, April 17, 2015

Gratitude Galore: My SHOP is now OPEN!

After lots of hammering, grinding, polishing, planning and more - my is finally OPEN! I must thank my sweet neighbor Naomi & my dear sister Callie for their help. Callie was instrumental in making this happen. At the heart of it all is my loving & supportive husband. Thank you for all your support, each of you. 

Please take a couple of minutes to go and see my butter knife bracelets on Etsy at PleasePasstheButter. And don't forget to tell your friends!

abracadabra butter knife bracelet

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wonderful Wisdom & Imagery
Soaking in the gift of my precious life. By rachel awes

I am in love with a new author and artist, Rachel Awes. Found her a while ago snooping around on Etsy. Just ordered a tee shirt and her book. When I went to her site (I had only been to her Etsy shop up to that point) and saw that her path and SARK's had crossed, I knew I had found a like-minded spirit. I love me some SARK. I keep copies of the book Inspiration Sandwich around to give to people when I make a connection with them.

Rachel Awes and her Etsy shop

I love her work. It has a feeling like my friend Kim Geiser (or on Facebook). Kim's line work is crisp and bold happy lines and encouraging sentiments. rachel's work is similar in spirit and bright colors to Kim's, but rachel uses line differently. rachel's lines are typically one width. And is visually light and playful. I love how a simple line drawn just right can capture so much. I love circles, but I love line just as much.

And the crazy thing is rachel just spent time with Kim recently! I had seen pictures is a recent gathering with Kim on FB and didn't make the connection until I messaged with rachel and telling her how much I loved her work. Crazy small the world is some times.




Thursday, January 29, 2015

ThrowBack Thursday - Mom's Birthday Party in 2013 - TBT

I threw my mom a Birthday a Party over at "My Happy Place". It was quite a hoot!

There were mini sombreros...

Taken by Chelsea Weiss of
There was a 6 and a half foot long gecko and a giant egret. Not to mention some fun friends...
Taken by Chelsea Weiss of
Taken by Chelsea Weiss of
Playful, colorful centerpieces and table decor.
Taken by Chelsea Weiss of
Taken by Chelsea Weiss of





And there was homemade tres leches.
Taken by Chelsea Weiss of
A good time was had by all!



Thursday, January 22, 2015

2015 - MY Year of 'Taking It Further'

I have declared 2015 to be my year of Taking It Further.

Taking my mobiles further, expanding my workspace, visiting Italy again, creating my brand and I am sure there will be other examples of how this declaration applies. Here's my doodle about it:

2015 Declaration by Chelsea Sparks Weiss of

Look for a Spring Promotion

*Random Drawing* for a free made-by-me mobile.

how exciting!




Thursday, January 8, 2015

Making my bed

Do you make your bed everyday? I do. I have simplified it, so I don't loathe doing it. I have found that I like completing at least one task right away in my day and I love coming into our bedroom and seeing our beautifully made bed.

Photo turned illustration
By chelsea weiss of

We have voile quilts from West Elm, that are also organic cotton and AMAZINGLY soft!

I highly recommend it for those of you that are looking for "doable" New Year resolutions. Make your bed everyday for a year. Sick days are excluded of course. I triple dog dare you.

-chelsea *sparks* weiss




Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Finally! I made something! Butter Knife bracelet

I have been in such an exploratory place, trying to come up with things to make. After Art Is You in Stamford I was just clear I wanted to play play play! I have been experimenting with new processes and ideas. Unfortunately, I have been a little bit all over the place with what end product I want to come up with using all these new techniques. I finally came full circle to something that inspired me back in July and completed a butter knife bracelet like one I bought at a flea market in Salt Lake.

Here is my FIRST flatware piece and definitely not my last!

Made by Chelsea Weiss of
Butter Knife Bracelet